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We will welcome you with a warm smile instead of a handshake.



Our house follows a very strict hygiene protocol. We are trained with the new guidelines



Respect each other’s health by maintaining a distance of 2 metres at all the time.


The rooftop area is open and has been adapted to maintain 2 metre seperation.

Feeling at home has never been more important. That is the reason why NikoStudios does everything within its power to offer you a hospitable stay. Safe, clean and reliable. Of course with appropriate distance, we welcome you with the hospitality you normally expect from us. We are ready for your arrival!

Check-in & check-out

We will welcome you with a warm smile instead of a handshake.

At check-in we will not shake hands, as you may be used from us, but we will welcome you with a warm smile. We will ask you a number of questions
upon arrival, regarding your health. Your answers will not be recorded. During your stay, these questions could be asked multiple times, for example
when booking an activity.

Our shuttle service (where applicable) is temporarily out of service. We are happy to call a taxi service for you when in need of transport, for example from the airport to our place.

The evening before departure you will already receive the invoice of your stay via email. Please check your invoice and let us know if you have ques-
tions. This way we can limit the (waiting) time at check-out. Also, if you have to print a bording pass or any other important document to travel please send them as soon as possible via email so we can have it ready for your departure.

Public spaces and Roof Top Area

Our roof will be open! We will help you to maintain your distance and we have installed disinfection stations at various places throughout our house.

What we do
Our public areas are cleaned frequently. Surfaces touched by guests, such as handles and banisters, are carefully disinfected.

What you can do
We have installed disinfection stations in various areas throughout our house. We ask you the use them regularly. You are more than welcome in the public areas to relax and to be together. We do ask you to take other guests into account. Please keep your distance, give each other space and prevent formation of groups.

In your Studio or Apartment

We will ensure as few contact moments as possible

In order to limit the number of contact moments as much as possible, your room will be cleaned after departure and not during your stay. If you are 
staying longer than one week with us, we will discuss the cleaning options with you. Our staff will not come to your studio or apartment during your stay.

Clean towels & sheets
We will provide you with clean towels and sheets on request after the first week of your stay.

Out & about

Enjoy the area while walking, cycling or driving around the island

Discover the close by area from where you are staying while cycling. It is possible to arrange a rent of a bicycle in our hotel. We will suggest you to rent a bike from a reliable partner who also follows the hygiene regulations.

Would you like to take a walk to town or to the beach? Or do you want to discover the ‘must sees and high lights’ of Lassi? We will be happy to tell you what options there are, so that you can go out and about.

Car rental
Can’t wait to discover all the island? We ask you to rent a car with one of our local reliable partners in advance. We can gain a great car or motorbike offer for your stay. Just let us know!

Your reservation

Cancellation conditions

Great that you want to book a stay with us and we can welcome you again! Your booking can be modified or cancelled with the policy you have choos-
en when you booked your room. If you can not travel, because of country restrictions caused by the pandemie, there will be issued a voucher for the full amount of your deposit or stay.

I’ve booked a room, but I have a cold. What do I have to do?
We are asking you to stay at home and cancel or move your booking if you have a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, dry cough or a temperature increase above 38 degrees Celsius.


I did not find an answer to my question
Do you still have other questions or would you rather receive personal support with your reservation? We are there to help you.

Our policies may change when the situation demands so. If changes take place, we will mention those on this page. Nevertheless, the guidelines in the hotel are leading.
Therefore, no rights can be derived from the information on this page. Do you have any questions regarding our guidelines? Please contact us. We are always available via email and WhatsApp. We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay at NikoStudios

Last update: 15th Jan 2022, 10:00.